The Foundations for Success program at Genesee Lake School provides each student in our residential school with a continuum of services consistent with best practices for individuals with significant social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. This program adheres to principles and practices from several therapeutic approaches, including Collaborative Problem-Solving, Positive Behavioral Supports, and Trauma Informed Care. These approaches serve as the organizational foundation for understanding disability characteristics and reducing challenging behavior. They also serve to inform our methods of specialized assessment and intervention. Our services emphasize the use of helping relationships and supports in a planned therapeutic environment to ensure each individual reaches his or her maximum potential. Individualized treatment planning is provided in an integrated and comprehensive manner by a dedicated treatment team. Finally, during their time with us, many of our students gain the skills necessary to transition from their original placement to a less restrictive setting, either on the main campus or in one of our community living options. To support them in this process, transition services are woven throughout the Foundations for Success program.


ICARE (Innovative Care for Autism and Related Disorders) is a model developed by Genesee Lake School to serve students with significant cognitive challenges. The goal of the ICARE program is to provide each child in our care with a continuum of services that are developmentally appropriate, relationship-based, and respectful of each child’s individual differences and uniqueness. Our model fosters individual growth in social relationships and communication and is designed to benefit each student’s overall social, emotional, and behavioral skill development.


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The Clinical Services Department includes Case Coordinators, Therapists, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists. Clinical services include: individual, group, and family therapy and counseling, as well as individualized treatment plans, and individualized behavioral plans.

Genesee Lake School understands that the families of students we support can and should play a vital role in successful treatment. Emphasis on positive family engagement is promoted throughout our programs with a strong focus on the student’s return home and permanency planning once there.

Philosophically, Genesee Lake School believes the following:

  1. It is best for students to be raised in their own family, whenever possible.
  2. We are most effective when we work in partnership with families.
  3. Most families generally want to succeed, and with education, support, and access to resources, successful re-unification is possible.
  4. Engagement of the family while their child is receiving our services can have a positive impact on progress and successful re-unification.

In an instance where formal family reunification is not the identified permanency plan, Genesee Lake School will work to identify alternative natural supports for the student and help the student to process appropriately.