Education Services

School is an important component in each student’s development. Students are placed into specialized instructional services according to their individual academic, social/emotional, transitional/vocational, and developmental needs.

GLS classrooms may include students from either our residential or day school programs. GLS is a collaborative service provider that supports students from local school districts, as well as out of state school districts and agencies, to assist students in achieving IEP goals and returning to their home schools.

Digital Tour

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Our Classrooms

At Genesee Lake School we have a variety of classrooms, each purposefully structured to best meet the needs of the students within.


Designed for multimodal learning and personalized supports; focused on successfully returning to their home school.


Supports our neurodiverse students with intellectual and adaptive behavioral needs; uses the principles and practices of Floortime, SCERTS, AutPlay, and CoreWords.


Designed for students ages 14 to 21, instruction of transition skills focuses on functional life skills/academics, social/emotional skills, daily living skills training, and self-advocacy.


Designed for students aged 14-21, vocational skills classrooms and programs include post-secondary education/on-the-job training, employment planning/experiences, and independent/adult living.

Our Education Team

The Genesee Lake School Education Team consists of highly qualified and experienced educators, certified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

  • Education Leadership: Education Director, Learning/Curriculum Coordinator, Student Services Coordinator, Transition Coordinator, and Lead Teacher (PI 34 Mentor Teacher)
  • Special Education Teachers and Instructional Aides
  • Education Support Professional: Provide additional support for staff and students.
  • Speech Pathologist: Our Speech and Language Pathologists target student’s IEP goals in the areas of speech, language, social communication, as well as support residential and school teams on an as needed basis.
  • Occupational Therapists: Occupational Therapists target student’s IEP goals in the areas of sensory and emotional regulation, life skills, self-cares, functional and vocational skills, and other daily activities, in order to help support student’s unique needs, minimize barriers to accessing their education, and promote independence.
  • Specials: Library Media Specialist, Art Therapy, and Adaptive Physical Education Teachers

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