Education Services

We are committed to educating the whole student and embed various individualized supports within all of our educational settings for students to have equitable access to K-12 educational offerings to meet their individual academic, social emotional, transition/vocational, and developmental needs.

Genesee Lake School, an integral part of MyPath Schools, ensures a smooth transition to students’ local school and community. Our mission includes creating innovative learning environments, actively participating in the IEP team, embracing family and community involvement, promoting data-driven student-centered practices, and fostering educational excellence through high-leverage instructional practices and social emotional development.

Digital Tour

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Our Classrooms

At Genesee Lake School we have a variety of classrooms, each purposefully structured to best meet the needs of the students within.

Core Content

Genesee Lake School utilizes research-based, state-approved curriculum across MyPath Schools. Our instruction is guided by the Common Core and Alternative State Standards in the core content areas of ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, and Phy-Ed.

Genesee Lake School offers a variety of experiences to enhance the educational programming of each student. These programs include Art, Library Media Services, STEAM, and Student Advisory Team. Students at Genesee lake school have opportunities to engage in learning experiences through our Homegrown Farms as well.

Individualized Supports

Our teachers and support staff are equipped with extensive training in therapeutic support and interventions. Students have access to a range of tailored supports, including transition services, virtual learning, assistive technology, sensory supports, and more, personalized based on their Individualized Education Program (IEP).

These individualized supports are delivered across various settings on campus and in the community such as flexible co-teaching classroom environments, the Pioneer Creation Station, the Career Exploration Center, and other alternative learning areas.

Transition Services (Post Secondary Readiness)

We are dedicated to empowering the students in our care with the skills and confidence they need to thrive in their preferred futures. Our comprehensive transition services offerings focus on fostering personal growth, independence, and post-secondary readiness through innovative strategies and a variety of learning environments.

Our Transition Services are designed to address individual student needs in three key areas: Living, Learning, and Working. We are committed to delivering personalized support to each student, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate life beyond their educational journey.

Our Education Team

Education Leadership & Instructional Excellence: At the heart of our educational approach are highly qualified and licensed administrators, dedicated to guiding instructional excellence. They work in tandem with our Instructional Coaches, who provide expert guidance in both General Education Instruction and Special Education Services, ensuring a well-rounded educational strategy.

Educators & Support Professionals: Our team of Wisconsin DPI Licensed Teachers and Instructional Aides are the cornerstone of our educational offering. They are supported by Education Support Professionals who provide additional assistance, enhancing the learning experience for both educators and students.

Specialized Student Support: Our Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists are integral to our team. Speech Pathologists focus on student IEP goals in speech, language, and social communication, also offering support to residential and school teams as needed. Meanwhile, Occupational Therapists work on IEP goals related to sensory and emotional regulation, life skills, self-care, functional and vocational skills, and other daily activities. Their contributions are vital in supporting each student's unique needs, reducing barriers to education, and promoting independence.

Enrichment through Specials: Rounding out our educational program are our specialized teachers in Library Media/STEAM, Art, and Physical Education. These experts bring an additional dimension to our educational services, fostering a diverse and engaging learning environment for all students.

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