Residential Services

For students living on our campus, Genesee Lake School offers a highly-structured, therapeutic environment designed to help gain the experience and skills necessary to find success. We offer both dorm and group home options, depending on the needs of the student.

Teacher and student

Residential Programs Overview

Genesee Lake School offers a continuum of services that are developmentally appropriate, relationship based, and are consistent with best practices. Our programming options address sensory needs and processing difficulties and are designed to foster individual growth in social, emotional, and behavioral skill development. Likewise, using evidence-based therapeutic treatment, our students are able to develop a positive sense of self, reach their full potential, and successfully transition back to their home, school, and community. We maintain a home-like atmosphere as much as possible and encourage individuality in room décor within the limits of safety and appropriateness.

Genesee Lake School also offers group home options that provide a less restrictive environment for students as a step toward greater independence. Located on Genesee Lake School’s campus or in the community, these homes provide more normalized living and specific training in daily living skills.

Digital Tour

Click on the video for a digital tour of our residential program.

Residential Programs Trifecta

Genesee Lake School utilizes a Trifecta team approach to overseeing the care for our students receiving residential treatment. This Trifecta team works with a specific program area, and includes a Case Coordinator, Program Coordinator, and Therapist. The team works closely to coordinate services, provide communication, and develop and implement therapeutic approaches.

Case Coordinator

The Case Coordinator is the primary point of contact for families and other stakeholders. Case Coordinators are also responsible for developing the Individual Treatment Plan (ITP), sensory plans, safety plans, and various other necessary protocols.

Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator is the leader who supervises the team of program staff supporting our students. Program Coordinators provide coaching and modeling of therapeutic approaches as well as a variety of other management responsibilities.


The Therapist creates and keeps current a therapy plan for each residential student at Genesee Lake School. Therapists provide individual, group, and family therapy, as well as parent education as needed. Therapists will also partner with others in the Trifecta to create behavioral and sensory plans.

Residential Staff

In addition to the Trifecta, there are a number of other staff at Genesee Lake School who are essential in supporting our students.

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)

Direct Support Professionals work with students throughout the day to encourage learning, skill building, emotional management, and any other skill developing children need to learn.


Our on staff Psychologist provides support for our residential students as needed.

Building Coordinators

Building Coordinators oversee the day to day operations of our programs.

Building Support Professionals (BSPs)

BSPs provide a higher level of support, working throughout the program as needed.

A Day in the Life

Residential students at GLS enjoy all of the opportunities available to ensure their stay with us is safe and fun. Opportunities for kids to be kids abound here.

General Routine

Each program area follows a posted schedule that helps maintain consistency for the students we support. Our staff strive to establish bedtime, mealtime, and activity time routines.

Personal Care Support

GLS staff provide personal care (showering, hygiene, toileting, etc.) up to the level needed by your child as determined through the assessment process and their observations of your child’s needs and abilities.


GLS follows a professionally created menu. We offer 3 meals and 2 snacks every day. Family may bring in preferred snacks, but please ensure these items are bagged/labeled appropriately and that they contain no nuts.

Recreation and Activities

GLS utilizes community resources to the greatest extent possible. Participation in community activities (i.e. bowling, movies, shopping, etc.), and other social development activities are strongly encouraged. Structured activities are also offered in the GLS program areas and can include gym time, movie nights, game play, arts/crafts, sensory integration, cooking, educational groups, and free time. GLS has a rock-climbing wall, a full basketball court, baseball/soccer fields, two indoor gyms, and several outside play areas.

Behavioral Support

GLS staff are trained in Positive Behavior Support, Collaborative Problem Solving, Trauma Informed Care, and several other therapeutic modalities. In the event a student displays challenging behavior, GLS staff will intervene in the least restrictive manner possible.

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