For students living on our campus, Genesee Lake School offers a highly-structured, therapeutic environment designed to help gain the experience and skills necessary to find success. We offer both dorm and group home options, depending on the needs of the student.


The day school program at Genesee Lake School is designed for students needing a more structured and responsive environment than they are finding in their current school, while still allowing for the student to return home each day. Our staff work closely with the placing school district to create a student-centered curriculum, chosen from among our extensive class offerings, with the goal of each student returning to his or her home district following a successful period of therapeutic intervention and academic services. To facilitate this process, and because mutual support and communication are essential to all successful school programs, our Day School Case Coordinators maintain regular contact with the family, and all members of the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team, to ensure a communication process that is continual, active, and open.

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Our Respite Program provides temporary care for children and adolescents with a disability or special needs with the purpose of providing relief for the parent or regular caregiver from the extraordinary and intensive demands of ongoing care. The structure and supervision of our Respite Program are especially well suited for children whose behavioral challenges cannot be addressed in other respite programs.